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Parramatta, NSW, Australia



City/Town : Latitude: -33.81450638430189, Longitude: 151.00115776062012


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLMAN, Mary A  1833Parramatta, NSW, Australia I2801
2 ALLMAN, Sarah Matilda  1829Parramatta, NSW, Australia I2798
3 BARNES, Albert James  1879Parramatta, NSW, Australia I3245
4 BARNES, Alfred  1872Parramatta, NSW, Australia I3248
5 BARNES, Ann  1877Parramatta, NSW, Australia I3246
6 BARNES, Emily Hannah  1870Parramatta, NSW, Australia I350
7 BARNES, Henry Charles  1874Parramatta, NSW, Australia I3247
8 BARNES, James  5 May 1836Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1153
9 BARNES, James  1860Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1837
10 BARNES, John  1867Parramatta, NSW, Australia I3250
11 BARNES, Mary E F  1864Parramatta, NSW, Australia I3251
12 BARNES, Sarah  1866Parramatta, NSW, Australia I3249
13 BARNES, William J  1861Parramatta, NSW, Australia I3252
14 CARD, Alfred Steven  1880Parramatta, NSW, Australia I2595
15 CHAPMAN, Harold B C  1907Parramatta, NSW, Australia I3942
16 DUNSTAN, Ann  09 Jun 1823Parramatta, NSW, Australia I303
17 FLOOD, Alice M M  1868Parramatta, NSW, Australia I2163
18 FLOOD, Arthur W  1892Parramatta, NSW, Australia I2171
19 FLOOD, Eileen M  1893Parramatta, NSW, Australia I2172
20 FLOOD, Ellen C  1883Parramatta, NSW, Australia I2169
21 FLOOD, Ethel M  1877Parramatta, NSW, Australia I2166
22 FLOOD, Evelyn G  1895Parramatta, NSW, Australia I2173
23 FLOOD, Harold J T  1887Parramatta, NSW, Australia I2170
24 FLOOD, Laura Agnes  1876Parramatta, NSW, Australia I2165
25 FLOOD, Lillie Florence  1879Parramatta, NSW, Australia I2167
26 FLOOD, Maude Clara  1873Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1444
27 FLOOD, Peter  1867Parramatta, NSW, Australia I2162
28 FLOOD, Victoria Gertrude  1881Parramatta, NSW, Australia I2168
29 FLOOD, William  1872Parramatta, NSW, Australia I2164
30 GAMBRILL, Allan Maxwell  1925Parramatta, NSW, Australia I2820
31 GAMBRILL, Arthur Benjamin  25 Aug 1901Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1150
32 GAMBRILL, Barbara Ann  1941Parramatta, NSW, Australia I2751
33 GAMBRILL, Cecil E  1893Parramatta, NSW, Australia I353
34 GAMBRILL, Cecil Milton  19 Sep 1927Parramatta, NSW, Australia I2821
35 GAMBRILL, George Henry  17 Mar 1896Parramatta, NSW, Australia I364
36 GAMBRILL, Gladys M  1894Parramatta, NSW, Australia I356
37 GAMBRILL, Harriet Myrtle  13 Jul 1900Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1152
38 GAMBRILL, Leslie Norman  23 Jul 1923Parramatta, NSW, Australia I2674
39 GAMBRILL, Marie Lorraine  1917Parramatta, NSW, Australia I2816
40 GAMBRILL, Raymond  17 Jan 1920Parramatta, NSW, Australia I2818
41 GAMBRILL, Thelma Eileen  1918Parramatta, NSW, Australia I2817
42 GAMBRILL, William John Benjamin  1913Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1363
43 HEARNE, Sarah Ann  8 Apr 1819Parramatta, NSW, Australia I333
44 MOBBS, Renie M  1906Parramatta, NSW, Australia I2813
45 SHIELDS, Albert Henry  1873Parramatta, NSW, Australia I5109
46 SHIELDS, Caroline  1876Parramatta, NSW, Australia I5143
47 SHIELDS, Clara Jane  1871Parramatta, NSW, Australia I5108
48 SHIELDS, Joseph  1875Parramatta, NSW, Australia I5110
49 SHIELDS, Sarah Ada  1876Parramatta, NSW, Australia I5111
50 SHIELDS, Stephen Arthur  1878Parramatta, NSW, Australia I5112

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 BARNES, James  1 Jan 1837Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1153
2 GAMBRILL, Arthur Benjamin  17 Oct 1901Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1150
3 GAMBRILL, Elsie May  10 Sep 1898Parramatta, NSW, Australia I354
4 GAMBRILL, Frederick John  24 Mar 1898Parramatta, NSW, Australia I363
5 GAMBRILL, Harriet Myrtle  10 Sep 1900Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1152
6 GAMBRILL, Leslie Thomas  7 Feb 1901Parramatta, NSW, Australia I366
7 GAMBRILL, Stanley Norman  19 Nov 1903Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1151


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARNES, James  12 Aug 1907Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1153
2 CHANDLER, Harriet  05 Feb 1840Parramatta, NSW, Australia I291
3 DELANEY, Norman Ernest  31 Mar 1967Parramatta, NSW, Australia I791
4 DUGGAN, Ellen Martha (Nellie)  28 Feb 1954Parramatta, NSW, Australia I361
5 FULLAGAR, Hannah  25 Feb 1907Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1154
6 GAMBRILL, Arthur Benjamin  28 Nov 1901Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1150
7 GAMBRILL, Cecil E  1893Parramatta, NSW, Australia I353
8 GAMBRILL, Elsie May  17 Oct 1898Parramatta, NSW, Australia I354
9 GAMBRILL, Frederick George  20 Jan 1897Parramatta, NSW, Australia I355
10 GAMBRILL, Gladys M  1894Parramatta, NSW, Australia I356
11 GAMBRILL, Harris Richard (Horace)  2 Jul 1899Parramatta, NSW, Australia I365
12 REILLY, Amy Pearl Anderson  12 Sep 1981Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1362
13 ROSS, Arthur John  22 Jul 1891Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1212
14 ROSS, George  26 Oct 1932Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1211
15 RUMGAY, John Thomas George  15 Jul 1931Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1252


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BARNES, James  13 Aug 1907Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1153
2 CARD, Alfred Steven  Jul 1936Parramatta, NSW, Australia I2595
3 ETHERDEN, Sarah  21 May 1921Parramatta, NSW, Australia I281
4 GAMBRILL, Alfred Charles  20 Nov 1898Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1149
5 GAMBRILL, Arthur Benjamin  29 Nov 1901Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1150
6 GAMBRILL, Elsie May  18 Oct 1898Parramatta, NSW, Australia I354
7 GAMBRILL, Frederick George  21 Jan 1897Parramatta, NSW, Australia I355
8 GAMBRILL, Frederick Job  24 Apr 1898Parramatta, NSW, Australia I529
9 GAMBRILL, Harris Richard (Horace)  3 Jul 1899Parramatta, NSW, Australia I365
10 GAMBRILL, Susannah  13 Nov 1959Parramatta, NSW, Australia I345
11 GAMBRILL, William John Benjamin  28 Sep 1956Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1363
12 ROSS, Arthur John  Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1212
13 ROSS, George  28 Oct 1932Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1211
14 ROSS, Laura Ethel  Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1216
15 RUMGAY, John Thomas George  Jul 1931Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1252
16 SMEDLEY, Mary Anna  9 Apr 1916Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1471
17 WORSLEY, William  1936Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1106

News General

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    News General    Person ID 
1 GAMBRILL, Benjamin  18 Jul 1893Parramatta, NSW, Australia I344
2 GAMBRILL, George Thomas  Jul 1889Parramatta, NSW, Australia I346
3 GAMBRILL, Stanley Norman  16 Oct 1940Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1151


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 GAMBRILL, Benjamin  3 Oct 1903Parramatta, NSW, Australia I344


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 DUGGAN, Ellen Martha (Nellie)  1894Parramatta, NSW, Australia I361
2 GAMBRILL, Stanley Norman  May 1923Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1151
3 GAMBRILL, Susannah  1888Parramatta, NSW, Australia I345
4 GAMBRILL, William  1877Parramatta, NSW, Australia I275
5 GAMBRILL, William  1879Parramatta, NSW, Australia I275
6 HAYMAN, Elma Francis  1920Parramatta, NSW, Australia I2320
7 RANSLEY, Richard  1844Parramatta, NSW, Australia I290
8 SUTTON, Sarah  1844Parramatta, NSW, Australia I1094


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Grech / GAMBRILL  20 Oct 1945Parramatta, NSW, Australia F790
2 ALLMAN / KELLY  1827Parramatta, NSW, Australia F678
3 BARNES / FULLAGAR  1860Parramatta, NSW, Australia F375
4 Bevan / Sonter  1904Parramatta, NSW, Australia F1766
5 Flood / Thorne  1866Parramatta, NSW, Australia F968
6 GAMBRILL / BARNES  2 Apr 1890Parramatta, NSW, Australia F125
7 GAMBRILL / GREEN  24 Feb 1950Parramatta, NSW, Australia F20
8 GAMBRILL / HAYES  23 May 1931Parramatta, NSW, Australia F461
9 GAMBRILL / LYNCH  1958Parramatta, NSW, Australia F659
10 GAMBRILL / NOBLE  24 May 1923Parramatta, NSW, Australia F619
11 MOBBS /   Jan 1892Parramatta, NSW, Australia F680
12 Napier / GAMBRILL  1 Oct 1938Parramatta, NSW, Australia F230
13 PALMER / GAMBRILL  1927Parramatta, NSW, Australia F558
14 RANSLEY / SUTTON  16 Jan 1844Parramatta, NSW, Australia F354
15 ROSS / GAMBRILL  25 Jan 1888Parramatta, NSW, Australia F85
16 RUMGAY / GAMBRILL  1923Parramatta, NSW, Australia F397
17 Shaw / RUMGAY  1946Parramatta, NSW, Australia F1138
18 Shields / Sonter  1867Parramatta, NSW, Australia F1760
19 Sonter / Midson  1871Parramatta, NSW, Australia F1818
20 Sonter / Mitchell  1851Parramatta, NSW, Australia F1752
21 Sonter / Mobbs  1878Parramatta, NSW, Australia F1765
22 STEVENS / Louttit  4 Jun 1891Parramatta, NSW, Australia F673
23 TREBLE / GAMBRILL  11 May 1935Parramatta, NSW, Australia F832
24 YATES / NOBLE  1951Parramatta, NSW, Australia F624

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