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 #   Test Type   Test Number/Name   Haplogroup   Taken by   Most distant ancestor   Most recent common ancestor   Test Group   Tree 
1 atDNA   I-CTS6433Living    Robert CRAM / Grace "Girzel" FORBES3 x cousin 2 times removedtreeno1 
2 atDNA A355607  N/A Living    Joseph BLUNDEL / Susan OSBOURNE3 x cousin 2 times removedtreeno1 
3 atDNA T230615  N/A Living    Rinaldo HORDER / Mary SCAMMEL4 x cousin 2 times removedtreeno1 
4 atDNA   N/A Living    Richard RANSLEY / Harriet CHANTLER5th Cousintreeno1 
5 atDNA T909876  I1 Subclade I-Z60Living    Bobby Gambrill atDNAtreeno1 
6 mtDNA LD0100700A  H Subclade H47Living   Katarzyna WARYSZCZAK
,   b. 4 Sep 1888
 Bobby Gambrill mtDNAtreeno1 
7 Y-DNA- LD0100700A  I1 Subclade I-Z60Living   George GAMBRILL
,   b. 1682,   d. 1765
 Bobby Gambrill Y-DNAtreeno1