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TWO DEATHS. Tragedy befell Mr.D.Gambrill's family of Morisset this week. *Mr.James McHib, husband of the second eldest daughter was crushed by a rolling log at Stroud on Tuesday, and died on Wednesday at midnight. Miss Nellie Gambrill, aged 12 who took suddenly ill on Monday, was rushed to Newcastle Hospital on Wednesday, and died at 1 o'clock on Thursday morning. *NOTE: The newspapers' reported name and first part of the above sentence is incorrect, Mr.James McHib should read Edward William Moffitt. 
GAMBRILL, Alma Elizabeth Ellen (I394)
2 "Galicia" WARYSZCZAK, Barbara (I205)
3 "Heronden" GAMBRILL, May Annie (I4053)
4 "Queensland Terrace", Woodnesborough Rd. GAMBRILL, Tom Saffery (I3979)
5 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family (F13)
6 #1858/13289 'Ruth Gambrill' born 8 Nov 1858 Windsor NSW. Parents William Gambrill, labourer (born Kent, England aged 34), mother Sarah Etherden born Macdonald River aged 22. Date of marriages April 1846 Prospect, and 1856 Windsor. Previous issue: 3 boys, 2 girls living.Informant William Gambrill, the father, Windsor. Registered 28 Dec 1858 Windsor. GAMBRILL, Ruth (I343)
7 #1878/23793 Darcy Bertrude Gambrille born 29 May 1878, Maitland Street, Bingara, Gwydir District. Parents Theodore Gambrille 24, born Windsor (labourer) & Angelina Sarah Woolcock 18, born Murrurundi. No previous issue. GAMBRILL, Darcy Bertrude (I270)
8 #1881/16942 George Egerton Gambrill 29 Nov 1880, Warialda Creek, Gwydir District. Parents Theodore Gambrill 26 born Windsor, labourer, & Angelina Sarah Woolock 18, born Murrurundi. Previous issue 1 male living, none deceased. Informant Theodore Gambrill, father, Spring Creek, Warialda Road. GAMBRILL, George Egerton (I272)
9 #1883/19343 Ruby Gwydir Gambrill born 1st Jan 1883, Spring Creek, Bingara, NSW. Parents Theodore Gambrill 28 born Windsor NSW, labourer, & Angelina Sarah Woolock 20, born Murrurundi NSW - married 28 Aug 1887 Barraba. Previous issue 2 males living. Informant Angelina Sarah Gambrill, Mother Spring Creek, Bingara. Registered 23 Jan 1883 - Bingara. GAMBRILL, Ruby Gwydir (I274)
10 #1887/36488 Arthur Wallace Theodore Gambrill born 15 June 1887, Gosford. Parents Theodore Gambrill 33 born Windsor, labourer, & Angelina Sarah Wilson 27, born Murrurundi. Married 28 Aug 1877. Previous issue 2 males, 2 females living, none deceased. Informant Theodore Gambrill, father, Gosford. Registered 30 Jul 1887 - Gosford. GAMBRILL, Arthur Wallace Theodore (I271)
11 #1906/7759 Darcy Bertrude Gambrill, bachelor aged 28, labourer, born Bingara NSW, usual residence Dora Creek NSW, parents: Theodore Gambrill (labourer) & Angelina Sarah Woolcock. Lizzie Hanson, spinster aged 21, born Lake Macquarie NSW, domestic, parents: Thomas Hanson (gardener) & Annie Minch. Darcy and Lizzie married 16 Aug 1906 at the District Registrars Office Newcastle NSW. Witness Amy Hanson and A.Hanson. Family (F105)
12 #1907/3351 Hilda May Gambrill born 23 Dec 1906, Mountain Home, Morisset. Parents Darcy Bertrude Gambrill 28 born Bingara NSW, labourer, & Lizzie Hanson 21, born Lake Macquarie NSW, Married 16 Aug 1906, Newcastle NSW. Previous issue, none. Informant D B Gambrill, father, Mountain Home; Witness A F Pont. Present at birth Dr.Moodie & Mrs. E Metcalfe. Registered 1 Feb 1907 - Gosford. GAMBRILL, Hilda May (I288)
13 #1908/35649 Arthur Andrew Gambrill born 11th Oct 1908, Mountain Home, Morisset. Parents Darcy Bertrude Gambrill 30 born Bingara NSW, labourer, & Lizzie Hanson 23, born Lake Macquarie NSW - Married 16 Aug 1906 Newcastle NSW. Previous issue: Hilda M 1 year living, none deceased. Informant DB Gambrill, father, Mountain Home; witness FC Hely. Present at birth Nurse Herven. Registered 13th Nov 1908 Gosford. GAMBRILL, Arthur Andrew (I545)
14 #1916/020471 Edna Pearl Gambrill born 2nd Jun 1916, 'The Oaks' Morisset, Lake Macquarie Shire. Parents Darcy Bertrude Gambrill 38 born Bingara NSW, Millhand, & Lizzie Hanson 32, born Lake Macquarie NSW - married 16th Aug 1906 Newcastle NSW. Previous issue: Hilda M. 9years, Arthur A. 7years, Darcy B. 4years living. None deceased. Informant D.B Gambrill, father of Morisset. Informant Ruby Gwydir Frost. Registered 14th June 1916, Gosford.  GAMBRILL, Edna Pearl (I442)
15 #1918/12453 26 December 1918 Marriage in Broken Hill Methodist Church (Thomas Street) between Edwin Horace Gambrill (millhand), born Dora Creek NSW, aged 27, bachelor of Morisset, & Ada Victoria Liddell (home duties) born Broken Hill NSW, aged 21, spinster. Parents: Theodore Gambrill (fireman) & Angelina Sarah Woolcock. John Liddell (labourer) & Ellen Cheek. In the presence of M.E. Liddell & A.G Hendry. Family (F94)
16 #1924/49857 Wallace Herbert *'Jeoffrey' Gambrill born 9th November 1924, Bridge Street, Morisset, Lake Macquarie Shire. Parents: George Edgerton Gambrill, Carrier, aged 43 from Warialda NSW, & Kate Traynor 36 from Kempsey NSW - Married 5th October in Bulahdelah NSW. Previous Issue: John S. 19, Theodore W. 17, James K. 15, George R. 12, Edwin H. 11, Kathleen I. 8, Ernest C. 8, Beryl M. 6, Living, none deceased. Informant G.E. Gambrill, father of Morisset. Registered 25th November 1924 Gosford.

*Jeoffrey was added to the document at a later date (different pen used, thinner writing). Could of been done whilst document was still at the registry office having realized a mistake? There appears to be a initial after this entry which would then suggest it was done at the registry office.  
GAMBRILL, Wallace Herbert Jeoffrey (I373)
17 #1975/102367 Ruby Gwydir Symonds born Bingara (92), widowed, died 3 May 1975 at Bellvue Nursing Home, Wahroonga; Usual residence 68 Old Berowra Road, Hornsby NSW. Parents Theodore Gambrill & Anjelina Woolcock. Ruby's marriages: James Frost (19) at Morisset. Children of marriage Robert (deceased), Elsa (deceased). 2nd marriage: Herbert Symonds (69) at Dora Creek. No children. Informant. R.K Baker, grandson, 68 Old Berowra Road, Hornsby. Cause of death Hypostatic Pneumonia (1 hour), Cerebral Arteriosclerosis (2 years). Date of burial 6 May 1975, place of burial Church of England Cemetery, Morisset. Registered 8 May 1975 Sydney. GAMBRILL, Ruby Gwydir (I274)
18 #342227/16 Edward William Moffitt, Teamster of Morisset, Bachelor & Edna Pearl Gambrill, Domestic Duties of Morisset, Spinster married at the St.Lawrence Church of England, Morisset, 14th July 1934. Witness's D.B Gambrill & D.B Gambrill. An added signature for K.J.Gambrill is listed next to the 'Signatures of parties to marriage' Family (F342)
19 #6906/68 10th March 1874, Church Street, Parramatta. George Thomas. Father William Gambrill (49), labourer, born England, married 1856 in Windsor. Previous issue 5 males living, 7 females living. Mother Sarah Etherden (39) born Hawkesbury River. Informant William Gambrill, father, Church Street, Parramatta.  GAMBRILL, George Thomas (I346)
20 #80771. GAMBRILL Edwin Horace, wood machinist aged 80 years. Died 21st April 1972 Morisset (68 Macquarie Street). Place of birth Dora Creek. Parents: Theodore Gambrill (fireman) & Angelina Sarah Woolcock. Edwin married in Broken Hill at age 26 to Ada Victoria Liddell and his conjugal status at the time of death was 'Married'. Issue in order of birth: Ronald 51 years, Robert 59, Bruce deceased and Allen 46. Informant was Ada V. Gambrill, widow, 68 Macquarie Street, Morisset. Burial 24th April, 1972 Methodist Cemetery Morisset. GAMBRILL, Edwin Horace (I252)
21 '14 May 1710, George Gambrill Denise Elgar were married' Family (F137)
22 'aged 70' GAMBRILL, Stephen (I623)
23 'Alfred Giquel' Roman Catholic, of, 93 Salt River Rd, Salt River. Aged 35. Buried in 'Grave in Giquel Plot'. GIQUEL, Alfred James (I62)
24 'Ann, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Turner, bapt. Oct 3' TURNER, Ann (I283)
25 'bastard' Child. Unknown father. UNKNOWN, Mary (I3463)
26 'Cathrine' COSGROVE, Catherine Agnes (I4758)
27 'Ellen Mary Wraight' aged 66. Wife of John Wraight, Jobmaster. GAMBRILL, Ellen Maria (I2446)
28 'George Gambrel was buried March 8th 1765' GAMBRILL, George (I480)
29 'George Gambrell, Woodnesborough, Oct 25, 71 years' GAMBRILL, George (I284)
30 'George of George and Eliz. Gambrill' GAMBRILL, George (I480)
31 'George son of Geo & Eliza Gambrel of Nonington, was baptised Sep 6, 1761' GAMBRILL, George (I284)
32 'George the son of George Gambril and Denny his wife was baptised May the 22nd day 1720' GAMBRILL, George (I546)
33 'George Whealer Gamble' (bachelor) aged 22, railway servant. Residence Long Lawford, fathers name 'Thomas Gamble' (servant). 'Mary Ann Downing' (spinster) aged 20, employment not listed, residence Long Lawford. Fathers name 'Jonathon Downing' (labourer). They married in the parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England. The marriage was solemnized between 'George Whealer Gambrell' & 'Mary Ann Downing', in the presence of Joseph Downing & Ellen Downing. Family (F2034)
34 'John Forbes & Elisabeth McDougall were ???? claimed in the 9th October both in this Parish in order of marriage 1794.' [some of the smaller words maybe incorrect... hard to understand] Family (F1214)
35 'Joseph Gambrel of Stelling and Margaret Carter of Petham' Family (F1421)
36 'Pennywood' GAMBRILL, Charlie (I4079)
37 'Ransley, John son of William and Mary Ransley Oct 11th' RANSLEY, John (I590)
38 'RANSLEY, Mary Daug of William Ransley & Mary his wife January 6th' RANSLEY, Mary (I587)
39 'Robards' ROBERTS, James (I6337)
40 'Rose' TIPPETT, Selina Rose Mabel (I3021)
41 'Theodore', parents William (labourer) & Sarah Gambrill. Parish of Penrith in the county of Cumberland GAMBRILL, Theodore (I268)
42 'Theresa Ann' Family (F2192)
43 'Thomas Saunders' (bachelor / labourer) & 'Rebecca Harris Harvey' (spinster) both of full age and of Wincanton. Thomas father is 'John Saunders' (labourer) and Rebecca, 'Charles Harris Harvey' (taylor -profession) Family (F1800)
44 'William & Richard, sons of Richard & Mary Lobb was baptised May 8' LOBB, William (I5033)
45 'William & Richard, sons of Richard & Mary Lobb was baptised May 8' LOBB, Richard (I6290)
46 'William Francis Leonard', son of William Henry (musician Scotts Shards???) and Ellen Styles of 84 Tachbrook St, Pimlico, London, England. STYLES, William Francis Leonard (I1589)
47 'William Marshall Ransley', widower, & 'Mary Stickell', spinster both of this Parish (Ruckinge). Present is John Stickells & Edward Ransley. Not sure how Edward fits in, he doesn't appear to be a brother of William, not is he the father. The usage of the middle name Marshall is present on both his marriage document and Banns notice.  Family (F1272)
48 -------------------------------------------------------

Metric record of the birth of Oleksyuk Vasyl, who was born on April 22, 1913 in the village Maly Rozhyn of Kosiv district (parents - Hrytsko Oleksyuk and Anna Petrychuk) is missing. Metric books on the villages of Tudiv and Maly Rozhyn in the Kosiv district of the Ivano-Frankivsk region have been preserved. In addition, an inspection was conducted on the updated act? records from 1948 to the present for 1913.

No metric record of the marriage of Oleksyuk Vasyl and Feychuk Olena Vasylivna (marriage date unknown) is missing.

The inspection was carried out on 3 1938 to 1944 in the village Maliy Rozhin, and the village Tudy's primary metric records and renewed marriage records from 1953 to the present. At the same time, I would like to inform you that the metric books on marriage in the villages of Tudiv and Maly Rozhyn in the Kosiv district for 1928-1937 have been transferred to the State Archives of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional State Administration.

On February 22, 1962, the Department of State Registration of Civil Status Acts of the Registration Service of the Kosiv District Department of Justice compiled a renewed act record of Oleksiy Oleksiy's birth, who was born on March 22, 1940. in the village Tudiv of Kosiv district. Metric record of the marriage of Oleksyuk Vasyl and Havryliuk Maria, compiled in 1932 in the village of Cherhanivka, Kosiv district.

Smodna of Kosiv district from 1919 to 1943 and according to the renewed act records from 1953 to the present. It is not possible to search for the metric record of birth and Havrilyuk (Oleksyuk) Maria, as there is no date and place of birth; date and place of death.

There are no metric records of the deaths of Anna and Yuriy Oleksyuk in the villages of Maly Rozhyn, Cherganivka, and Smodna in 1942. The inspection was carried out on the basis of primary metric records of death in the villages of Maly Rozhyn, Cherganivka, and Smodna from 1939 to 1944.

It is not possible to search for the metric record of the birth of Maria Oleksyuk, Vasyl Oleksyuk's sister, as the date and place of birth are missing; date and place of death. and death In the archives of the Department of State Registration of Civil Status Acts of the Registration Service of the Kosiv District Department of Justice in Ivano-Frankivsk region, metric records of the birth of possible sisters and brother of Oleksyuk Vasyl are kept, namely:
Oleksyuk Yevdokiya Hryhorivna, born on April 14, 1895, and / from No. 13 of April 14, 1895.
Oleksyuk Kateryna Hryhorivna, born on April 24, 1896, a / z No. 22 of April 24, 1896
Oleksyuk Petro Hryhorovych, born on January 25, 1898, a / z No. 4 of January 25, 1898 at Oleksiuk Hryhoriy's parents Andriyovych and Petrychuk Anna Mykolayivna.
OLEKSIUK, Wasyl (I80)
49 13 May 1850, Charles Harris Harvey (bachelor / taylor (profession)) & Jane Foot (spinster) both of Wincanton and both of full age. Charles father is 'Charles Harvey' and Janes father is 'James Foot' (both deceased) Family (F1728)
50 14 July 1838 in the Parish of Woodnesborough (church of England), Kent. George Gambrill (full age, bachelor) Seaman & Harriet Taylor (minor & Sp.). Residence at the time of marriage, Woodnesborough. Father to George is George Gambrill and to Harriet is John Taylor. Marriage in the presence of John Keels and Emma ??????? Family (F471)
51 15th Sep 1816. James son of Henry (labourer) & Mary Gurd, of Donhead. GURD, James (I2608)
52 16 of September 1821, William son of George (labourer) and Ann Gambrell, of Woodnesborough GAMBRILL, William (I275)
53 17 Jan 1836, James son of George (labourer) & Rhoda Fox of Compton. FOX, James (I2687)
54 1722 Aug 1, James Cock & Ann Tapsole Family (F1826)
55 1749 Oct 1, William Cock & Mary Massy, by banns Family (F1437)
56 18 months old, drowned. HAMBLION, Mervyn J (I4328)
57 1803? ETHERDEN, Benjamin (I26)
58 1806, July 20th. William son of Rinaldo & Mary Horder HORDER, William (I1207)
59 1809, William son of James & Susannah Smart, Christened Oct 12th. SMART, William (I1840)
60 1812 John Fox & Frances Foot both of this parish were married in this Church by Banns this tenth day of February in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred a twelve. In the presence of Charles Foot & Joseph Foot. Family (F2125)
61 1824 Feb 24th. Rhoda daughter of John (labourer) & Frances Fox of Compton Pauncefoot. FOX, Rhoda (I6106)
62 1826 Sept 17th, Thomas son of John (labourer) & Frances Fox, of Compton Pauncefoot. FOX, Thomas (I6107)
63 1831 Aug 29th. Job, parents John (labourer) & Frances Fox of Compton Pauncefoot. FOX, Job (I6105)
64 1837 July 17th, Ellen, child of William (labourer) and Ann Smart, of Compton Pauncefoot. SMART, Ellen (I2688)
65 1853 Marriage solemnized at the Church in the Parish of St.Mary Sandwich in the County of Kent. #97 October 1st, John Gambrill (mariner) & Mary Blackburn (both 23 and living at Church St). Fathers names George Gambrill (labourer), Richard Gambrill (mariner). In the presence of John Blackburn & Ann Jaffery Family (F1366)
66 1855, Jan 14th. Sarah Anne daughter of Ephraim & Anne Pope of Sandhurst POPE, Sarah Anne (I5014)
67 1864, May 31. Thomas Ransley (26) bachelor, confectioner of 53 ????? St. & Mercy Chatfield (21) spinster of 15 Bond St. Thomas father is William Ransley (labourer) & Mercy's is Edward Chatfield (confectioner). Signed in the presence of Edward Charfield & Eliza ?????? Family (F1270)
68 1870, July 8th. William Oakenfull (55, Widower) Town Crier & Harriet Gambrill (49, Widower), both of Bert? Lane, All Saints Canterbury. Josephs father is Joseph Oakenfull and Harriets father is John Taylor - both professions are listed however they are hard to understand. John Taylor is a ???? Smith and Joseph is a School ?????. Marriage is in the presence of William Davison and Frederick Davison. Family (F799)
69 1884, June 10th. Thomas son of William (labourer) & Mary Ransley of Pimlico. Solemnised in the Parish of Brighthelmston, in the county of Sussex in 1844. A side note on the baptism record says he was born 3 July 1835. RANSLEY, Thomas (I3690)
70 1896? GAMBRILL, Oscar Norton (I4641)
71 1915 Sandwich? GAMBRILL, William John (I3997)
72 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family (F424)
73 1970? Broken Hill LIDDELL [TWIN], James (I823)
74 2 Dec 1815. Maria dau of Rinaldo (Carpenter) and Mary Horder, of Donhead St.Mary. HORDER, Maria (I2606)
75 2 May 1919, Harriet daughter of John (carpenter) and Sarah Taylor of Woodnesborough. TAYLOR, Harriet (I1417)
76 20 March 1801. Arch Liddell & Margt Cram. 'John'. Other pieces of info are listed, to be added... LIDDELL, John (I1281)
77 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2625)
78 21 October 1877, Horace, Son of Edward Henry & Mary Ann Chandler of Atwaters CHANDLER, Horace (I5011)
79 22 July 1850 George Fox (widower, labourer) & Mary Whitelock (spinster) both full age and both from Compton Pauncefoot. Georges father is John Fox (labourer) and Marys is George Whitelock (labourer). In the the presence of Thomas Fox and Rhoda Fox. Family (F2124)
80 24 June 1830, Danl Wm Henry son of John (dredger) & Sarah Camb**, of Seasalter. It mentions birth, 23 Sep 1815. GAMBRILL, Daniel William Henry (I1082)
81 25th Sept, Percy Sydney, parents John and Ellen Maria Wraight, of ???? WRAIGHT, Percy Sydney (I1878)
82 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family (F2257)
83 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I2)
84 2nd May 1829, George son of John (labourer) and Elizabeth Gambrill, of Whitfield GAMBRILL, George (I1815)
85 6 Jul 1941? CAMERON, Ronald Ewen Harper (I1887)
86 7th July 1776. Rinaldo son of Thomas & Elizabeth Horder. HORDER, Rinaldo (I2599)
87 ?????? CHANDLER, Sarah (I435)
88 A celebration of Joan's life will be held in the West Chapel of the Northern Suburbs Crematorium, 199 Delhi Rd, North Ryde on Tuesday April 21, 2015 commencing at 1.45pm. In lieu of flowers please consider a donation to Royal Flying Doctors Service in Joan's honour. Envelopes will be available at the Chapel. GAMBRILL, Joan Irene (I2427)
89 A GRANVILLE WEDDING. The Presbyterian Church, Granville, was the scene of a very pretty wedding on Monday afternoon, 5th inst. The contracting parties were Miss Mary Eliza McKay, of Granville, and Mr T. Gambrill, of Harris Park. The Rev. B Jackson was the officiating clergyman. The bride who was given away by her father, wore a very becoming gown of white cashmere with the customary wreath and veil and was attended by four gridesmaids - Misses Effie McKay, sister of the bride (chief bridesmaid); M.Duggan, cousin of the bride; L.Convoy and E.Horne. The bridesmaids wore cream dresses with cream hats and feathers. Mr.Ross acted as best man on the occasion. A sumptuous repast was partaken of in the Albert Hall after which dancing was indulged in till 1 o'clock  Family (F100)
90 A quiet wedding was solemnised at Holy Trinity Church on Saturday evening, August 24, by Rev: C.W. Leavers. The contracting parties were Dorothy May, daughter of Mr. Fred Barr, of Dubbo, and Mr. William Charles Maloney. Family (F835)
91 Abode, Compton Pauncefoot. Age 68 FOOT, James (I4946)
92 Abraham? Need to followup for correct marriage.... BLUNDELL, Joseph (I682)
93 according to '' he lived in Street VIDSUTNYA, MALIY ROZHIN OLEKSIUK, Oleksiy Vasyljovych (I906)
94 According to 1901 census GAMBRILL, Mabel Mary (I3972)
95 according to 1901 Census GAMBRILL, Alfred John (I3968)
96 according to 1901 Census GAMBRILL, Richard William (I3965)
97 according to 1901 Census GAMBRILL, Hilda (I3969)
98 according to 1901 Census GAMBRILL, Elsie Ellen (I3970)
99 According to according to marriage document of daughter Elizabeth (to Richard) CASTLE, John (I3982)
100 according to baptism record RANSLEY, Thomas (I3690)

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