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Morisset, NSW, Australia


City/Town : Latitude: -33.11445839690836, Longitude: 151.50052070617676


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 FROST, Elsie Pearl  25 Aug 1908Morisset, NSW, Australia I370
2 GAMBRILL, Alma Elizabeth Ellen  13 Jan 1923Morisset, NSW, Australia I394
3 GAMBRILL, Arthur Andrew  11 Oct 1908Morisset, NSW, Australia I545
4 GAMBRILL, Donald (Twin)  29 Nov 1929Morisset, NSW, Australia I530
5 GAMBRILL, Edna Pearl  2 Jun 1916Morisset, NSW, Australia I442
6 GAMBRILL, Edwin Horace  25 Sep 1913Morisset, NSW, Australia I381
7 GAMBRILL, Edwin William  28 Feb 1919Morisset, NSW, Australia I223
8 GAMBRILL, Ernest Clarence  19 Jun 1916Morisset, NSW, Australia I388
9 GAMBRILL, Hilda May  23 Dec 1906Morisset, NSW, Australia I288
10 HANSON, William  1886Morisset, NSW, Australia I1111


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 GAMBRILL, Edwin William  11 Jan 1920Morisset, NSW, Australia I223


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 CAMPBELL, Violet Elizabeth  21 Nov 1968Morisset, NSW, Australia I1093
2 FROST, Elsie Pearl  24 Nov 1934Morisset, NSW, Australia I370
3 FROST, James Henry  4 Jan 1945Morisset, NSW, Australia I331
4 GAMBRILL, Arthur Andrew  5 Jan 1985Morisset, NSW, Australia I545
5 GAMBRILL, Darcy Bertrude  08 Sep 1958Morisset, NSW, Australia I270
6 PROSSER, Cecil Everet  2 Jul 1964Morisset, NSW, Australia I3060
7 ROACH, Eliza Gladys  28 Nov 1959Morisset, NSW, Australia I330
8 ROCHESTER, June Myrtle  30 Nov 2003Morisset, NSW, Australia I2440
9 SYMONDS, Herbert Mortimer  18 Jul 1963Morisset, NSW, Australia I1315


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 HANSON, Thomas  14 Sep 1915Morisset, NSW, Australia I589
2 MINCH, Anne Dorothea  10 Apr 1925Morisset, NSW, Australia I1092


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 GAMBRILL, Alma Elizabeth Ellen  1928Morisset, NSW, Australia I394
2 GAMBRILL, Alma Elizabeth Ellen  30 Jan 1928Morisset, NSW, Australia I394
3 GAMBRILL, Alma Elizabeth Ellen  1935Morisset, NSW, Australia I394
4 GAMBRILL, Arthur Andrew  1918Morisset, NSW, Australia I545
5 GAMBRILL, Edna Pearl  Apr 1923Morisset, NSW, Australia I442
6 GAMBRILL, Edna Pearl  16 Mar 1930Morisset, NSW, Australia I442
7 GAMBRILL, Hilda May  1918Morisset, NSW, Australia I288
8 GAMBRILL, Kenneth James  1946Morisset, NSW, Australia I382
9 GAMBRILL, Ronald Kenneth  1928Morisset, NSW, Australia I255
10 GAMBRILL, Theodore William Francis  1918Morisset, NSW, Australia I377
11 GAMBRILL, Wallace Herbert Jeoffrey  1935Morisset, NSW, Australia I373
12 GAMBRILL [TWIN], Bruce  1928Morisset, NSW, Australia I254
13 GAMBRILL [TWIN], Bruce  1935Morisset, NSW, Australia I254

Electoral Roll

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Electoral Roll    Person ID 
1 BARRY, Patrick Philip  28 Nov 1931Morisset, NSW, Australia I1132
2 GAMBRILL, Arthur Andrew  1930Morisset, NSW, Australia I545
3 GAMBRILL, Arthur Andrew  1932Morisset, NSW, Australia I545
4 GAMBRILL, Arthur Andrew  1934Morisset, NSW, Australia I545
5 GAMBRILL, Arthur Andrew  1935Morisset, NSW, Australia I545
6 GAMBRILL, Arthur Andrew  1936Morisset, NSW, Australia I545
7 GAMBRILL, Arthur Andrew  1937Morisset, NSW, Australia I545
8 GAMBRILL, Arthur Andrew  1946Morisset, NSW, Australia I545
9 GAMBRILL, Arthur Wallace Theodore  1913Morisset, NSW, Australia I271
10 GAMBRILL, Arthur Wallace Theodore  1930Morisset, NSW, Australia I271
11 GAMBRILL, Arthur Wallace Theodore  1932Morisset, NSW, Australia I271
12 GAMBRILL, Arthur Wallace Theodore  1934Morisset, NSW, Australia I271
13 GAMBRILL, Arthur Wallace Theodore  1935Morisset, NSW, Australia I271
14 GAMBRILL, Arthur Wallace Theodore  1936Morisset, NSW, Australia I271
15 GAMBRILL, Arthur Wallace Theodore  1937Morisset, NSW, Australia I271
16 GAMBRILL, Darcy Bertrude  1903Morisset, NSW, Australia I270
17 GAMBRILL, Darcy Bertrude  1913Morisset, NSW, Australia I270
18 GAMBRILL, Darcy Bertrude  1932Morisset, NSW, Australia I270
19 GAMBRILL, Darcy Bertrude  1934Morisset, NSW, Australia I270
20 GAMBRILL, Darcy Bertrude  1935Morisset, NSW, Australia I270
21 GAMBRILL, Darcy Bertrude  1936Morisset, NSW, Australia I270
22 GAMBRILL, Darcy Bertrude  1937Morisset, NSW, Australia I270
23 GAMBRILL, Darcy Bertrude  1946Morisset, NSW, Australia I270
24 GAMBRILL, Darcy Bertrude  1949Morisset, NSW, Australia I270
25 GAMBRILL, Edna Pearl  1937Morisset, NSW, Australia I442
26 GAMBRILL, Edwin Horace  1913Morisset, NSW, Australia I252
27 GAMBRILL, Edwin Horace  1930Morisset, NSW, Australia I252
28 GAMBRILL, Edwin Horace  1932Morisset, NSW, Australia I252
29 GAMBRILL, Edwin Horace  1934Morisset, NSW, Australia I252
30 GAMBRILL, Edwin Horace  1935Morisset, NSW, Australia I252
31 GAMBRILL, Edwin Horace  1935Morisset, NSW, Australia I381
32 GAMBRILL, Edwin Horace  1936Morisset, NSW, Australia I252
33 GAMBRILL, Edwin Horace  1936Morisset, NSW, Australia I381
34 GAMBRILL, Edwin Horace  1937Morisset, NSW, Australia I252
35 GAMBRILL, Edwin Horace  1937Morisset, NSW, Australia I381
36 GAMBRILL, Edwin Horace  1946Morisset, NSW, Australia I252
37 GAMBRILL, Edwin Horace  1949Morisset, NSW, Australia I252
38 GAMBRILL, Edwin Horace  1949Morisset, NSW, Australia I381
39 GAMBRILL, George Egerton  1903Morisset, NSW, Australia I272
40 GAMBRILL, George Egerton  1913Morisset, NSW, Australia I272
41 GAMBRILL, George Egerton  1930Morisset, NSW, Australia I272
42 GAMBRILL, George Egerton  1932Morisset, NSW, Australia I272
43 GAMBRILL, George Egerton  1934Morisset, NSW, Australia I272
44 GAMBRILL, George Egerton  1935Morisset, NSW, Australia I272
45 GAMBRILL, George Egerton  1936Morisset, NSW, Australia I272
46 GAMBRILL, George Egerton  1937Morisset, NSW, Australia I272
47 GAMBRILL, George Richard  1934Morisset, NSW, Australia I379
48 GAMBRILL, George Richard  1935Morisset, NSW, Australia I379
49 GAMBRILL, George Richard  1936Morisset, NSW, Australia I379
50 GAMBRILL, George Richard  1937Morisset, NSW, Australia I379
51 GAMBRILL, George Richard  1949Morisset, NSW, Australia I379
52 GAMBRILL, Hilda May  28 Nov 1931Morisset, NSW, Australia I288
53 GAMBRILL, James Kenneth  1949Morisset, NSW, Australia I375
54 GAMBRILL, Theodore  1903Morisset, NSW, Australia I268
55 GAMBRILL, Theodore  1913Morisset, NSW, Australia I268
56 GAMBRILL, Theodore  1930Morisset, NSW, Australia I268
57 GAMBRILL, Theodore  1932Morisset, NSW, Australia I268
58 GAMBRILL, Theodore  1934Morisset, NSW, Australia I268
59 GAMBRILL, Theodore  1935Morisset, NSW, Australia I268
60 GAMBRILL, Theodore  1936Morisset, NSW, Australia I268
61 GAMBRILL, Theodore  1937Morisset, NSW, Australia I268
62 HANSON, Lizzie  1913Morisset, NSW, Australia I289
63 HANSON, Lizzie  1930Morisset, NSW, Australia I289
64 HANSON, Lizzie  1932Morisset, NSW, Australia I289
65 HANSON, Lizzie  1934Morisset, NSW, Australia I289
66 HANSON, Lizzie  1935Morisset, NSW, Australia I289
67 HANSON, Lizzie  1936Morisset, NSW, Australia I289
68 HANSON, Lizzie  1937Morisset, NSW, Australia I289
69 LIDDELL, Ada Victoria  1930Morisset, NSW, Australia I253
70 LIDDELL, Ada Victoria  1932Morisset, NSW, Australia I253
71 LIDDELL, Ada Victoria  1934Morisset, NSW, Australia I253
72 LIDDELL, Ada Victoria  1935Morisset, NSW, Australia I253
73 LIDDELL, Ada Victoria  1936Morisset, NSW, Australia I253
74 LIDDELL, Ada Victoria  1937Morisset, NSW, Australia I253
75 LIDDELL, Ada Victoria  1946Morisset, NSW, Australia I253
76 LIDDELL, Ada Victoria  1949Morisset, NSW, Australia I253
77 O'BRIEN, Iris Georgina  1936Morisset, NSW, Australia I380
78 O'BRIEN, Iris Georgina  1937Morisset, NSW, Australia I380
79 ROACH, Eliza Gladys  1913Morisset, NSW, Australia I330
80 ROACH, Eliza Gladys  1930Morisset, NSW, Australia I330
81 ROACH, Eliza Gladys  1932Morisset, NSW, Australia I330
82 ROACH, Eliza Gladys  1934Morisset, NSW, Australia I330
83 ROACH, Eliza Gladys  1935Morisset, NSW, Australia I330
84 ROACH, Eliza Gladys  1936Morisset, NSW, Australia I330
85 ROACH, Eliza Gladys  1937Morisset, NSW, Australia I330
86 ROACH, Eliza Gladys  1949Morisset, NSW, Australia I330
87 ROACH, Eliza Gladys  1958Morisset, NSW, Australia I330
88 ROBINSON, Elsie Unity  1949Morisset, NSW, Australia I376
89 TRAYNOR, James Kenneth  1913Morisset, NSW, Australia I352
90 TRAYNOR, James Otto  1913Morisset, NSW, Australia I516
91 TRAYNOR, James Otto  1930Morisset, NSW, Australia I516
92 TRAYNOR, James Otto  1932Morisset, NSW, Australia I516
93 TRAYNOR, James Otto  1936Morisset, NSW, Australia I516
94 TRAYNOR, James Otto  1937Morisset, NSW, Australia I516
95 TRAYNOR, Kate  1913Morisset, NSW, Australia I332
96 TRAYNOR, Kate  1930Morisset, NSW, Australia I332
97 TRAYNOR, Kate  1932Morisset, NSW, Australia I332
98 TRAYNOR, Kate  1934Morisset, NSW, Australia I332
99 TRAYNOR, Kate  1935Morisset, NSW, Australia I332
100 TRAYNOR, Kate  1936Morisset, NSW, Australia I332

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 GAMBRILL [TWIN], Bruce  1941Morisset, NSW, Australia I254

News General

Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    News General    Person ID 
1 GAMBRILL, Arthur Wallace Theodore  15 Jul 1911Morisset, NSW, Australia I271
2 GAMBRILL, George Richard  21 Aug 1928Morisset, NSW, Australia I379
3 GAMBRILL, Theodore  1900Morisset, NSW, Australia I268
4 GAMBRILL, Theodore  Sep 1902Morisset, NSW, Australia I268


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 GAMBRILL, Darcy Bertrude  1908Morisset, NSW, Australia I270
2 GAMBRILL, Edwin Horace  27 Apr 1947Morisset, NSW, Australia I381
3 GAMBRILL, Theodore  6 Aug 1915Morisset, NSW, Australia I268
4 GAMBRILL, Theodore William Francis  1946Morisset, NSW, Australia I377
5 GAMBRILL, Theodore William Francis  1946Morisset, NSW, Australia I377

Post Office Directory

Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Post Office Directory    Person ID 
1 GAMBRILL, Arthur Wallace Theodore  1914Morisset, NSW, Australia I271
2 GAMBRILL, Arthur Wallace Theodore  1936Morisset, NSW, Australia I271
3 GAMBRILL, Darcy Bertrude  1914Morisset, NSW, Australia I270
4 GAMBRILL, Theodore  1914Morisset, NSW, Australia I268
5 GAMBRILL, Theodore  1936Morisset, NSW, Australia I268


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate/Will    Person ID 
1 GAMBRILL, Arthur Wallace Theodore  12 Oct 1939Morisset, NSW, Australia I271


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 FROST, James Henry  Sep 1902Morisset, NSW, Australia I331
2 GAMBRILL, Arthur Wallace Theodore  1910Morisset, NSW, Australia I271
3 GAMBRILL, Arthur Wallace Theodore  1942Morisset, NSW, Australia I271
4 GAMBRILL, Darcy Bertrude  1908Morisset, NSW, Australia I270
5 GAMBRILL, Edna Pearl  1934Morisset, NSW, Australia I442
6 GAMBRILL, Edna Pearl  1939Morisset, NSW, Australia I442
7 GAMBRILL, Edwin Horace  1939Morisset, NSW, Australia I381
8 GAMBRILL, George Egerton  Nov 1940Morisset, NSW, Australia I272
9 GAMBRILL, George Richard  1935Morisset, NSW, Australia I379
10 GAMBRILL, Hilda May  1928Morisset, NSW, Australia I288
11 GAMBRILL, James Kenneth  1936Morisset, NSW, Australia I375
12 GAMBRILL, John Charles  1939Morisset, NSW, Australia I396
13 GAMBRILL, Ruby Gwydir  Sep 1902Morisset, NSW, Australia I274
14 GAMBRILL, Theodore William Francis  1933Morisset, NSW, Australia I377
15 HANSON, Thomas  1895Morisset, NSW, Australia I589
16 MINCH, Anne Dorothea  1895Morisset, NSW, Australia I1092
17 MOFFITT, Edward William  1934Morisset, NSW, Australia I1064
18 ROACH, Eliza Gladys  1910Morisset, NSW, Australia I330
19 ROBINSON, Elsie Unity  1936Morisset, NSW, Australia I376
20 WOOLCOCK, Angelina Sarah  12 Oct 1939Morisset, NSW, Australia I269

Sands Directory

Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Sands Directory    Person ID 
1 GAMBRILL, Theodore  1920Morisset, NSW, Australia I268
2 GAMBRILL, Theodore  1923Morisset, NSW, Australia I268
3 GAMBRILL, Theodore  1926Morisset, NSW, Australia I268
4 GAMBRILL, Theodore  1928Morisset, NSW, Australia I268
5 GAMBRILL, Walter Gavin  1923Morisset, NSW, Australia I300
6 GAMBRILL, Walter Gavin  1926Morisset, NSW, Australia I300


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 FROST / GAMBRILL  22 Sep 1902Morisset, NSW, Australia F115
2 GAMBRILL / CAMPBELL  20 Nov 1937Morisset, NSW, Australia F245
3 GAMBRILL / HAYSMAN  9 Aug 1941Morisset, NSW, Australia F95
4 GAMBRILL / LAMB  14 Oct 1933Morisset, NSW, Australia F117
5 GAMBRILL / ROACH  14 Jun 1910Morisset, NSW, Australia F113
6 MERCER / FROST  19 Jul 1930Morisset, NSW, Australia F86
7 MOFFITT / GAMBRILL  14 Jul 1934Morisset, NSW, Australia F342

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